Gürsa Oluklu Mukavva ve Ambalaj

Our Vision

In line with our belief in doing well for our country, we will continue to improve our structure that attaches great importance to our values. As one of the important companies in the sector, we will also continue our efforts to guide others when it comes to producing corrugated fiberboards and cardboard boxes.

We plan to take our contribution to the national economy to a higher level by also investing in the field of exportation. We have already established the necessary infrastructure.

We analyze the consumer needs correctly and try to carry out future designs based on these analyses. We also train our employees accordingly, preparing both our company and employees for the future.

We know that our success must be sustainable. To this end, we will further improve our understanding of an eco-friendly production. We will increasingly continue to contribute to social responsibility projects with the thought to fulfill our duty of loyalty towards our country.


Our Mission


Our company; It serves the packaging industry with the production of corrugated cardboard and parcels. Developing our understanding of improving from quality to finishing, thanks to the development of the technology we use

Boasting a wide range of products, our company makes efforts to meet the needs of all sectors in the market. To this end, we produce all kinds of corrugated fiberboards and cardboard boxes aimed at the needs of different industries including the automotive, food, textile, metal, iron, stationery, glass, and shoe industries.

We continue our understanding to offer services of the highest quality by constantly updating ourselves on what we can do for the needs of the market.