Gürsa Oluklu Mukavva ve Ambalaj

Our Product Safety Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we accept and undertake to act in accordance with the law; meet the needs and expectations of our customers; follow the hygiene rules; and ensure the implementation of all other related policies at all stages including the production and shipping of our products within the Product Safety System, as well as to create an ever-improving structure where all our employees will show maximum engagement at all production stages as part of the system.

Hygiene Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we aim to avoid physical, chemical, biological, and microbiological contaminations and, thus, provide our customers with legitimate and uncontaminated products.

Customer Complaints Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we created certain methods to record and evaluate customer complaints and forward them to relevant departments. We also have methods in place to avoid the reoccurrence of such complaints.

We review all customer complaints in accordance with the Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety Systems, as well as our Product Safety Policy, and we also thoroughly examine whether or not our suppliers are responsible for such complaints.

Foreign Substance Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we guarantee our customers that all our employees are committed to taking the necessary measures to prevent foreign substances from contaminating our packaging and packaging materials.

We further guarantee that we will always keep all potential fragile goods and suchlike under control in the production areas; check the pallets; and avoid knife parts, unpackaged glass materials, staples, wires, wood particles, pins, needles, and all other similar stuff threatening the safety of food.

Blood Contamination Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we are committed to making all kinds of efforts to avoid bleeding-related contamination risks in order to prevent such risks from threatening the product safety.

Disease Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we always make sure that the employees who become sick are taken for a medical check-up and, when necessary, are moved away from the field in order to ensure product safety.

Work-Clothing Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we require work-clothing at all of our production units. We aim to make sure that our employees know that it is their responsibility to keep their work clothes clean.

Eating and Smoking Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we allow smoking only in designated areas at our factory and allow eating only at the cafeteria.

We are very sensitive towards such situations due to product safety, OHS, and environmental issues.

Color Adhesive Bandage Use Policy

At Gürsa A.Ş., we offer color adhesive bandages for our employees to use in small injuries to ensure product safety. In addition, we also evaluate such injuries within the Occupational Health and Safety Policy. The supervision regarding the adhesive bandages used by our employees is carried out by their respective department executives. Plus, it is a must at our factory that all kinds of injuries are reviewed respectively by our Occupational Physician (when he is present), Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, and Production Executive in order for the necessary actions to be taken.