Gürsa Oluklu Mukavva ve Ambalaj

Message from the President

Ahmet Gürsoy

Gürsa Corrugated Cardboard and Packaging As of 2015, our factory, located in Kıraç region, with a closed area of 30,000 square meters, started production with our Gürsa and Mikropak companies.

We believe that a company should always continue to grow and keep on providing employment as it grows. That's why we have made an investment in a new project that will rise on our land of 4 hectares in Çorlu industrial zone.

Boasting a total volume of €50 million, this very project aims to be able to export mainly to European countries.

Our research studies on the construction sector continue. We want to provide employment in the field of construction in the upcoming years.

Since our foundation I have always tried to turn my father's advices into a company philosophy.

To this end, we have been working tirelessly to do well for our country, act in the most correct and honest manner, and contribute to our country’s future development, even if just a bit.

We never stop respecting our nation and its values. We particularly make sure that our employees also follow these principles.

to give up training as a principled, faithful, moral and honest person by participating in education and doing business.

I believe that I fulfilled my responsibilities as the second generation family member and, with great confidence and belief, I started to pass on my business to my children - the third generation of the family.

And I am very proud of this. Because I am sure that my children will follow the same principles and do well for our country.

Chairman of the Board