Gürsa Oluklu Mukavva ve Ambalaj

Honorary President

Hacı Mustafa Gürsoy

Hacı Mustafa Gürsoy

Founder and Honorary President


Our Honorary Founding President Hacı Mustafa Gürsoy was born in 1938 to a well-established family from Rize. He entered the business life at a very young age and combined his sharp intelligence with the experience he gained in a short time.

Thanks to the fact that he was attaching particular importance to his business and never compromising on work ethics helped him get recognized and become popular outside of his circle as well.

His business potential started to grow after a while. So he, together with his family, left his native land Derepazarı, Rize for Istanbul in 1970.

During the same year, he founded our first company Gürsa (under the name Ece Corrugated) in Fatih.

Hacı Mustafa Gürsoy is today very proud that he was able to instill in his son Ahmet and grandchildren his philosophy to do well for our country and carry out business as a faithful, moral, and honest person with principles.